Doc McStuffins

Crayola Doc McStuffins Colour Wonder Colouring Set

Crayola Doc McStuffins Colour Wonder Colouring Set


Crayola Colour Wonder Set: Discover hidden designs & colour 18 Doc McStuffin pages with mess-free colouring. It won't colour on your skin, furniture or fabric!

Supplied by PoundToy (Opens in new tab/window)
Doc Mcstuffins Toy Hospital Magical Toysponder

Doc Mcstuffins Toy Hospital Magical Toysponder


Dottie 'Doc' McStuffins a six year old girl 'fixes' toys with a little help from her stuffed animal friends Stuffy Hallie Lambie and Chilly. In 2016 Doc will be transported to McStuffinsville to become the Chief Resident of the Toy Hospital where she and her toy friends will help toys from all over the world!\nThe Toysponder allows Doc and friends to be transported between worlds and also allows the babies to communicate with her! It also acts as a communicator within the hospital similar to a walkie-talkie. Doc can communicate with the others in the hospital in different rooms. Flair's Magical Toysponder includes sounds & flip through images and has a wristband to allow it to be carried around easily. It also features Doc & Friends imagery on the front of the Toysponder.\nPortable Toysponder\nDoc's new way to get in touch with patients!\nOpen up the Toysponder to see different scenes\nIncludes sounds from the show\nFeatures Doc & friends imagery\nSuitable for ages 3 years +

Supplied by Howleys Toys (Opens in new tab/window)
Doc McStuffins Cake Topper Decoration

Doc McStuffins Cake Topper Decoration


Doc McStuffins Cake Topper Decoration Doc McStuffins is a 6 year old girl who adores her toys and will do anything to help them if they are broken, with the magic from her stethoscope they come alive and Doc and her friends have lots of adventures helping other toys and friends! She has brown hair in pigtails and is wearing a purple headband, She is wearing a white lab coat, a purple and white striped shirt, her magical stethoscope, a pink skirt, pink leggings and pink shoes. Ideal on any Doc McStuffins themed celebration cake. Dimensions: 35mm (W) x 75mm (H)

Supplied by Craft Company (Opens in new tab/window)
Doc McStuffins Costume

Doc McStuffins Costume


Doc Mcstuffin- includes Jacket with mock jumper and skirt, leggings and headband.

Supplied by Angels Fancy Dress (Opens in new tab/window)
Lambie Plush - Doc McStuffins - Mini Bean Bag  (7'')

Lambie Plush - Doc McStuffins - Mini Bean Bag (7'')


Your little one will dance for joy when they hold this sweet Lambie plush close. This delightful cutie is part of the Doc McStuffins plush collection! Detailed plush sculpturing. Embroidered features. Satin tutu and bow. Part of the Doc Mc...

Supplied by Bonanza (Global) (Opens in new tab/window)
Disney Junior Collection 3DVD Box set (Doc Mcstuffins, MMCH - I heart Minnie, Sofia The First)

Disney Junior Collection 3DVD Box set (Doc Mcstuffins, MMCH - I heart Minnie, Sofia The First)


Supplied by (Opens in new tab/window)
Ravensburger Doc Mcstuffins Dominoes Game

Ravensburger Doc Mcstuffins Dominoes Game


Supplied by Duncans Toys (Opens in new tab/window)
Ravensburger Doc Mcstuffins Medicine Bag Game

Ravensburger Doc Mcstuffins Medicine Bag Game


Little Doc McStuffins loves to care for her dear cuddly patients with the help of her medicine bag. But where are her scissors, stethoscope, magnifying glass and syringe? With a little luck of the die and a good memory you can help the little Ms Doc find her missing instruments and fill up her medicine bag! This game has been designed specifically with the popular TV show in mind, with easy to understand rules and a unique and fun game play. Children aged 3 and up will love getting all the instruments they need to fix their patients, just like Dotti. The game is quick to play, which is perfect for while dinner is being prepared, and the strong sturdy box makes this an ideal game to take along for a weekend away or on holiday.

Supplied by Duncans Toys (Opens in new tab/window)

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