Hand-selected Birthday Present Ideas for your Auntie!

It's not always easy to choose really great gifts for relatives such as aunts - you may not know her all that well: what are her hobbies and interests? We asked a panel of aunties what they would REALLY love to receive as birthday presents, and they told us! We've listed a few of the top choices on this page.

Miss Scarlett Cluedo Apron

Miss Scarlett Cluedo Apron


The Apron is Officially licensed by Hasbro and made from 100% cotton measuring 90cm x 64cm.

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Pair Of Personalised Scented Candles

Pair Of Personalised Scented Candles


This pair of Personalised Scented Candles makes a lovely gift idea for a birthday gift. Choose from two different fragrances to fill your home with a lovely scent.   Each candle is presented in a glass tumbler and has a personalised label. The label contains the initials and name of the recipient making a lovely personalised gift for a discerning friend or relative.   The candles come in either a Citrus, Vanilla or mixed scents, they have a approximate burning time of 60 hours. Size: 75mm (width) x 90mm (Height)

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Cat Butt Magnets x 6

Cat Butt Magnets x 6


From the hand and mind of Steph Mantis comes these hilarious animal butt magnets. Plastic animal butts perfect for displaying everything. Set of 6. Sizes vary but approximately 1 to 2 inches.

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Smartphone & Tablet Mini Mount

Smartphone & Tablet Mini Mount


Mobile devices have become an essential part of everyday life. From making a call, getting directions and surfing the web to helping those with speech difficulties to communicate. Our Perfect Position Mini Mount helps you to get the most our of your device, while ensuring it stays protected. Constructed of robust coated steel, the mount features seven points of articulation, each with adjustable tension. These points allow adjustment of the height, reach and angle to place your device in its optimum position - whether it is for that ideal viewing angle or to give access that would otherwise be impossible. Featuring cushioned areas on the clamp and holder to avoid damage to furniture or device and unique dual-suction base, offering quick and easy adhesion to any flat surface. With the choice fixings, this versatile item allows you to mount your device everywhere from your desk, to the arm of your chair or wheelchair and even in your car! The ideal solution for anyone reliant on their mobile device, especially those with restricted mobility.

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Unicorn Lamp

Unicorn Lamp


Take a voyage into the land of fantasy and beyond, and trust in the Unicorn to illuminate your landscape. Includes colour change feature. A mystical desk lamp. Battery operated.

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Personalised '50 Books To Read Before you Die' Bookmark

Personalised '50 Books To Read Before you Die' Bookmark


Our Engraved Stainless Steel Bookmark is a fantastic and thoughtful gift for anyone who loves to lose themselves in a good book. Engraved on one side is a list of of fifty classic literary works from some of the world's greatest writers. The list includes Shakespeare, Charlotte Bronte and Harry Potter.The reverse of the bookmark is engraved with the words 'enjoy reading' and we'll add your special message to the recipient, too.What Can I Put On My Bookmark?You can personalise the bookmark with any message, with up to 40 characters engraved beneath the words 'enjoy reading.'Use our innovative preview feature to see how your message will look - simply type in the words and press the Preview button.Material: Stainless steelDimensions: L21 x W8 x D0.1cm

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Chocolate Making Workshop

Chocolate Making Workshop


Smell the alluring aroma of chocolate as you head towards the kitchen, irresistible. Be briefed on the chocolate making process which takes the raw bean on its journey into the treats we all love. Next, get involved and play with molten chocolate by cooling it down to the perfect consistency. Go on to make fresh truffles from raw ingredients and cut, dip and decorate them. To create a new taste sensation, chilli or another exotic ingredient can be mixed into the fine chocolate. Additionally, make giant buttons and take home all your creations at the end, with recipes too.

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It's not always easy to choose really great gifts for relatives such as aunts - you may not know her all that well: what are her hobbies and interests? We asked a panel of aunties what they would REALLY love to receive as birthday presents, and they told us! We've listed a few of the top choices on this page.

Our Auntie researchers have hand-picked a selection of birthday presents in various price ranges and, since they have all been chosen by actual aunts, you can be assured that these are things they would really love to receive. Maybe your aunt isn't a cat-lover, or a chocaholic, but you're sure to find some good ideas here to get you started.

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