Pre-Teen Ten, Eleven & Twelve Year Old Girls Birthday and Christmas Ideas

We surveyed a number of 10 to 12-year-old girls and asked them what they would REALLY like to receive as Christmas and birthday gifts. We've featured a few of the top choices on this page: use the Search option to find lots more great ideas!

Sterling Silver Harry Potter Golden Snitch Charm Necklace

Sterling Silver Harry Potter Golden Snitch Charm Necklace


Celebrate the magic of Harry Potter with this wonderful, official jewellery collection which brings together some popular characters and icons from the movies and books. Everyone wants the Golden Snitch and now it can be all yours! This fabulous, premium sterling silver necklace comes with a wonderfully crafted Golden Snitch pendant. Game of Quidditch anyone?

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Paintballing for Eight

Paintballing for Eight


Imagine crashing through the undergrowth, dodging paintballs, hiding behind buses or helicopters and spying on enemies. This is a real chance to shake off those day-to-day responsibilities and rekindle a spirit of adventure. On arrival, get kitted out with full body armour, head protection and the latest USA-spec rapid-fire semi-automatic machinegun. Begin with a briefing from the friendly DF marshalling staff, prior to selecting a game zone of choice. There are six zones in all and as many or as few can be played as you like. Paintballs are not included but there is no limit on how many can be bought on the day and hot drinks are on tap throughout. The day concludes with a debrief and awards presentation.

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Tablet Flexi Holder

Tablet Flexi Holder


Tablet Flexi HolderThis simple accessory for your tablet is a brilliant bit of kit for those who are constantly looking at its screen! Simply clip your tablet onto the Flexi Holder and attach to a solid surface so you don't have to keep hold of it!Stop the children arguing in the back of the car as now nobody needs hog the screen when watching a film, or sit back in the bath and relax with your favourite tv show, knowing your tablet is safe from any splashes. It's a perfect gift for tablet users who love researching recipes, watching films and reading books!Product Details:Size:When stretched out flat it measures 68 cm in length.Extra Information:Fits tablets 13cm to 20cm wideMinimal assembly required.Instructions included.

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Doodle Pillowcase

Doodle Pillowcase


This is the perfect present for everyone from inveterate list makers to artists - a stylish cotton pillowcase that can be endlessly customised with its set of 10 wash-out doodle colour pens. With a pretty, curved frame on one side and memo sheet on the other, doodle pillowcase is great for late-night thoughts and designs (isn't this always when you have your best inspirations?) and guest messages. And it all washes out at 40 degrees for a fresh start. It even has a hidden secret: an extra notepad tucked into its inner fold for those very private thoughts, reminders or must-do's. Now also available - note cases for your iPad, iPad mini, kindle or iPhone. Extra set of washable pens available to order separately.

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Easy Tat2 Pen

Easy Tat2 Pen


The ultimate Easy Tat2 Centre, design it, create it and wear it! Funk up your style with colourful tattoos. Set includes 3 Easy Tat2 art pens and 6 trendy stencils. Stencil designs include an owl, rose, butterfly and many more.

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EarMoji's Headphones - Cry Laughing

EarMoji's Headphones - Cry Laughing


Kids can now be on-trend with the groov-e EarMOJI's Headphones. Comfortable to wear, with swivelled earcups and soft ear pads, these headphones are perfectly portable and ideal for use anywhere.

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EarMoji's Earphones - Heart Eyes

EarMoji's Earphones - Heart Eyes


The EarMOJI's Earphones are perfect for cool kids on the go. With a comfortable fit, these fun earphones are ideal for smartphones and tablets.

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These soft headphones provide the ultimate comfort for use in bed. Listen to relaxation music, audiobooks, rock music, radio, or anything you like via your iPod, smartphone, CD/DVD player, MP3 player, radio, bedside TV, white noise generator, computer, or anything with a 3.5mm jack. SleepPhones are the first and most comfortable sleep headphones on the market. Benefits: Fall asleep faster, drug free Blocks out noises, without painful ear plugs Relax with music, stress free Features: Comfortable Patented headband headphones design for soft superior fit all night long Washable Removable speakers and machine washable headband Eco-friendly Lead-free components and Polartec recycled plastic non-pilling wicking fleece Volume Control Cord & Microphone Turn the volume up or down without touching your music device Start and stop your music from the small controller on the cord (may not work with all apps) If someone calls your phone, use the built-in microphone to talk

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eSecure Bluetooth Stereo Speaker

eSecure Bluetooth Stereo Speaker


The eSecure bluetooth speaker is here to deliver a great quality, clear and loud sound. You can now wirelessly stream music via your smartphone or your tablet or any device that supports bluetooth without being imprisoned by the cables. The bluetooth connection will perfectly work up to 10 metres. However, if your device doesn't support bluetooth, you can still stream music via the audio in (AUX) port. The powerful 2000Mah lithium battery will provide you with up to 10hours music. Please be advised that the latter depends on volume and frequency. Moreover, the built-in microphone is perfect for taking calls hands-free without missing a beat. The eSecure Bluetooth speaker is showerproof thanks to its silicone sleeve, which makes it perfect for outdoor use. The product comes with three interchangeable silicone sleeves (colours: blue, orange, pink) to meet all tastes and styles.

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Personalised Christmas Mug - Reindeer

Personalised Christmas Mug - Reindeer


This wonderful festive mug is available in a variety of different designs and is personalised with your chosen name and a special message of your choice.

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Pink Street Gliders

Pink Street Gliders


The Original clip-on skates with light-up LED wheels! Features: ABEC 5 Bearings, rear braking system and exlcusive Hamleys tongue. One size fits all.

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We know what Pre Teen Girls want!

We surveyed a number of 10 to 12-year-old girls and asked them what they would REALLY like to receive as Christmas and birthday gifts. We've featured a few of the top choices on this page: use the Search option to find lots more great ideas!

What do girls aged 10 to 12 want for Xmas this year?

As always, things relating to popular TV and movie characters are very popular. The hottest ones this year are Hannah Montana, High School Musical, and the vampire love story, Twilight.

Girls want entertainment!

... and the most popular ways of getting it are via iPods, games consoles (Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS) and a hot new favourite: portable DVD players  (now that the price of portable DVD players has come down to such a reasonable level - starting at under £60!)

The birthday girl will love our gift suggestions!

How can we be sure? Because we asked actual 11-year-old girls what they would really love to receive as birthday or Christmas gifts - and they told us!

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